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About the Project:

Jill's debut as a mom is showcased in this new online venture for--and about--first time moms. Hosted by Jill, she shares her videos and personal experiences with motherhood. She also interviews experts and talks to other moms about life with baby. The show is a partnership between media conglomerate Meredith and Graco. Link:

About the Show:

Hosted by Jill Cordes, the original My First Place told the stories of people buying their first home. It covered the trials, tribulations, joy and hard work that come with home ownership. The show also had a design element, with one room in the home being redone. Jill hosted 65 episodes.

About the Show:

Jill hosted more than 250 syndicated reports that ran in local newscasts throughout the country. The reports focused on health, wellness and how to reduce your carbon footprint. More than 75 television markets ran them, often daily.

About the Show:

Every week Jill Cordes took viewers to unexpected places in search of the best of food, drink, and merriment. From the smallest prairie towns to the biggest cities, from five-star dining rooms to greasy spoons, from Maine to Maui, she traversed the country, cameras at the ready and fork in hand. The show also spawned a popular book - part cooking, part travelogue - written by Jill and her cohost Marc.