Not many people can lay claim to visiting the famed places of Zanzibar, Timbuktu and Casablanca in their lifetime. But Jill Cordes has done all of this in the same year. On top of that, she has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, ridden a camel into the Sahara, and run the New York City, Boston and Chicago Marathons. She is no ordinary television personality.

What began more than a decade ago as a reporting gig for a local NBC station in South Dakota has evolved into a flourishing career for this highly energetic and passionate woman. She’s hosted the award winning show, The Best Of, on Food Network (231 shows, 1000 restaurants), HGTV’s My First Place (65 shows), and America’s first

broadband network dedicated to all things pets ( She’s also filed hundreds of syndicated reports for local news stations throughout the country--from cooking tips, health and wellness (Simple Solutions), to how to reduce your carbon footprint (Brighter Living). Her television adventures have led her to play golf with actor and restaurateur Bill Murray, dine atop a glacier in Alaska, dance with leading man Morgan Freeman and appear on Oprah.

Jill is not only an accomplished television host/reporter, but in December of 2009, she became a mom. The arrival of her daughter Fia Lily made her a natural fit in the “mommy space” world. She hosted a yearlong production called My First Baby 

and (syndicated and online), where she shared her stories and experiences with other moms across the country. She also interviewed experts about the “do’s” and “don’ts”, the “what’s” and “why’s” and the important question: Will I ever sleep again?

Answer: No. Because in January 2012 she gave birth to her son, Emmett Redmond.

Amid having babies and tackling motherhood, Jill was asked to be one of the main mommy bloggers at Parents Magazine ( Here she shares her personal stories, funny anecdotes and expert advice on Fearless Feisty Mama. This high profile blogging job, along with her extensive

television experience has made her a known/go-to parenting expert. As a result, she has made many local TV appearances on topics dealing with motherhood/finding the balance, etc.

In her spare time, which is increasingly scare these days, she likes to do yoga, travel (though not as much as her pre-baby days) and talk about getting back into marathon shape. Her husband, Philip Johnston, is a screenwriter. The family of four, plus their transsexual cat, Wayne Sanchez, split their time between New York and Los Angeles.